The Transit of Venus - June 5, 2012
An Observing Project in Canada's Northwest Territories

Ecce gratissimum spectaculum, et tot votorum materiem

"Behold, a most graceful spectacle, and the realization of all my wishes."
- Jeremiah Horrocks, 1639, translation by Father Vincent Sheehy, "

Photo credit: Murray Paulson, Transit of Venus 8 June 2004

" ...Thy return
Posterity shall witness; years must roll
Away, but then at length the splendid sight
Again shall greet our distant children's eyes."
     - Jeremiah Horrocks



To observe the 2012 Transit of Venus (Tuesday, June 5, 2012) from a suitable observing site in the Yellowknife area, Northwest Territories.

In the RASC Observer's Handbook 2012, and on his website, Jay Anderson states, "To see the entire transit, travel to Canada’s northern regions is required. Yellowknife offers the most promising cloud and sunshine statistics of any northern site, Europe or North America, with sunshine hours averaging 64 percent of the maximum – and you can drive there."
Obtaining optimal weather predictions and having the capability to relocate as necessary are critical to this project.
Several prime observing sites will be surveyed and considered.

To host visiting amateur astronomers to Yellowknife, and to facilitate their visit.
We hope that observing this Transit will lead to collaboration amongst the participants.  We wish to be service of our fellow observers, look forward to showing you around Yellowknife, and observing with you at one of sites we have surveyed.

* These webpages are a non-commercial service to amateur astronomers visiting Yellowknife to observe the June 5, 2012 Transit of Venus.
* The intent of these webpages is to provide useful information on observing the Transit.  This is not an organized tour.  All travel is independent and each participant is responsible for their own travel arrangements, costs and all associated activities of this project.  There are no guarantees of success in observing the Transit, no warranties of any kind are made, and the author of these webpages bears no liabilities resulting from the use of this information nor the links to various off-site Internet resources.
* Please read the important information at the link above on Eye Safety.