A Prayer for Spiritual Growth

('Abdu'l-Bahá, Tablets of 'Abdu'l-Bahá, p.573)

   O piqpagiyauyuhi! Tajja aliahungnaqtuq nappamut kangirhimanirmullu talvalu inimiinnarhiyuq aittuutikhaqarvingmi! Ilaranailluhi tamainnut; huliluhi ihuarhiqpiarniagut nappat. Qulliqtun ikumayutun ililuhi pinnirharlugillu inuuhiit! Uplut hapkua kayumikhiyut hamnalu inuuniq huqannginniaqtuq piillunilu. Talvuna, pinnaqtillugu qariuq pitikhimiitillugu, aavarit makariarni huraarmik. Hamna huraaq quviaginia Godim, aavarniattauq nagliktarhiyuq God; ima, inuupluni malikhugin nakuuyun uqauhiit.
   O ye beloved ones! It is the moment of the ecstasy of the soul and consciousness and the season of running in the arena of sacrifice! Show ye kindness to all; be ye engaged in the refinement of the souls. Become ye as ignited lamps and adorn ye the orchard of being! These days are swiftly passing and this mortal life will remain fruitless and without result. Therefore, while there is yet time and the arrow is in the bow, enter ye the chase and strike ye the game. This game is the good-pleasure of God, and this chase is the merciful Providence; that is, living in accord with the divine instructions.

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