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Harness and Saddlery

     R. H. Bedingfield is probably one of the oldest business men in Kemptville, having been located here for over 50 years. He was born in Suffolk, England, and came to Canada with his parents 73 years ago.  He spent fifteen years in Montreal then came to Kemptville where his father was assistant in the store of Thomas Learning. He learned his trade with Malcolm McGregor, also one of the business men of 50 years ago. He then spent five years in the United States and again returned to Canada and opened business for himself. His first location was in Barnes' tannery near the south side of Prescott street bridge. He then moved into a part of what is now the White House and later on to a small building across the road. About 25 years ago he purchased his present property and fitted it up for a first class harness salesroom with the workshop in the rear. There he carries everything known to the trade in the line of harness, saddlery, trunks, valises, etc.
     Mr. Bedingfield assisted in organizing the first band the town had some 40 years ago and has since been a member and is president of the organization at the present time. He has always taken a deep interest in its welfare and is looked upon by the present members as a past master of everything that is to be known. He has also been connected with the Fire Department for a great many years and engineer for nearly a quarter of a century. He was elected a life member and honorary engineer at the last annual meeting in recognition of his long and valuable services.
     In private life Mr. Bedingfield has always been a quiet, unassuming, model citizen who is always found on the side of right and willing to do his duty wherever placed. He has seen the town develop from a hamlet to its present position.
     He has two brothers, John, who is wealthy and lives in New York, William H., now in Ottawa, and one sister, Mrs. John Wolf of Toronto, but whose husband was many times reeve of the village and once warden of the united counties.

Obituary of R. H. Bedingfield from unknown Kemptville newspaper, ca. 1906