Bedingfield Family Tree

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|--------- Durocher, Joseph David
|-- Durocher, Joseph Bernard John
|          [male, b.04/07/1927 L'Orignal ON, d.25/03/2014 Hawkesbury ON]
|          [Note: birth certificate issued 05/07/1927. He always stated that his mother
|           claimed there was a registration error, and that he was born 03/07/1927. Last given
|           name was Jean; another registration error?]
|--------- Ladouceur, Aldéa Marie Auroré

Spouse: McAuley, Mary Corinna Patricia [m.05/09/1953 Hawkesbury ON]
    Children: Durocher, Marie Lynn
              Durocher, Mary Jean Christine
              Durocher, Joseph Bernard Daniel