Bedingfield Family Tree

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|--------- Lapointe, William Henry
|-- Lapointe, Mary Anna Helena
|          [female, Hoasic, Williamsburg Twp. Ontario, d.11/07/1965]
|--------- Schwerdferger, Marcella Elizabeth

Spouse: Lane, Ova William Jacob [m.25/06/1903 Williamburg Twp ON]
	[NOTE:	"Lane - Lapoint. - At the Lutheran parsonage, Morrisburg, on June 24th,
		by the Rev. J. C. F. Rupp, William Ova Lane and Mary Lapoint,
		both of Williamsburg." - Morrisburg Leader 1903-07-01]
    Children: Lane, Thorold William Jacob
              Lane, Verna Marcella
              Lane, Audrey Helen

Notes: Ova and Mary Lane