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The Other Pearl, water media on paper, Jean Pederson

Classic Drapery Pose, acrylic on panel, David Langevin

Meditation, watercolour, Jean Pederson

La Montee, acrylic on canvas, Micheline Montgomery

In the Sun, watercolour on paper, Rolf Krohn

Christina, watercolour on panel, Rolf Krohn

A Woman With Attitude, acrylic on panel, Rolf Krohn

Untitled, pastel on paper, Terry Pamplin

Pastel drawing of Stephen Bedingfield

After the Passion, oil on canvas, Dianne Mercredi

First Secret, acrylic mixed media on canvas, Dianne Mercredi

Secret Too, acrylic mixed media on canvas, Dianne Mercredi

Road Warriors, oil on panel, Rod Charlesworth

Sparks, oil on canvas, Rod Charlesworth

Untitled, watercolour on paper, Marion Jack

On Vancouver Island, acrylic on canvas, Lynn Soehner

Long Beach Reflections, watercolour, Jean Peterson

Cremona Hill, oil on canvas, Phil Buytendorp

Melting Sea Ice, watercolour of paper, Sue Shirley

Untitled, watercolour on paper, David Ruhe

Untitled 1, watercolour on paper, Nadine Rein

Untitled 2, watercolour on paper, Nadine Rein

Untitled, watercolour on paper, Kayhan Nadji

Calm and Doubt, photograph, Ozgur Culha

Untitled, glass, Brian Newell

Untitled, ceramic vase, unknown artist

Untitled, bronze, Pierre Aupilardjuk

Freedom of Motion - Sitting, bronze, Andrew Benyei

Yá Bahá'u'l-Abhá, jade, Burhan Zahra'i

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