Cambridge Bay Views
Glimpses of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, Canada

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Arctic Lousewort  (138K)
Arctic Lousewort
Pedicularis arctica

Beaver at floatbase  (57K)
beaver at float base

Ice in the east arm June 2001  (17K)
ice still in the east arm
in late June

Dignified grave  (92K)
dignified grave in
local cemetery

Rainbow  (168K)
August 9, 2001

Evening  (310K)
evening glow

Doug Stern's home (159K)
Doug Stern's
decorated home

Daisies  (167K)

umingmak west of Long Point.jpg (152523 bytes)
muskoxen "umingmak"
west of Long Point

spider.jpg (165780 bytes)

purple patch.jpg (186904 bytes)
purple patch

fog streaming onto shore.jpg (99949 bytes)
flowing fog

fog on the sea-ice.jpg (158385 bytes)
fog over the sea-ice

Ovayok.jpg (135600 bytes)

Cambridge Bay from Ovayok.jpg (174654 bytes)
Cambridge Bay from Ovayok

2001-12-13 Noon 010.jpg (165196 bytes)
frozen grasses